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@garazi Greg, saw you at #frontendconf and was wondering if you ever posted your slides? Trying to relay my aha moment to a colleague. Thx!

A/B testing workshop at #frontendconf 2016 in St Petersburg, Florida, by our colleagues Michel & Andy -

Part of me feels like Front-End conference should be going another day and I’m missing something lol #frontendconf

My daughter collects dev stickers from my conferences and puts em on her wall. Latest ones from #frontendconf

Hey @rachsmithtweets, you mentioned that you had your #frontendconf code examples up on a codepen? I can't seem to find it, can you help?

It's been real St. Pete! Hope to see you next year for #frontendconf ☀️

Just made it home. Praise the Lord for safety in travel! Quite the bumpy landing in Omaha. #frontendconf

The second day at @frontendconf rivaled the first! Again, amazing, inspiring and can't wait til next years event! #frontendconf #fedc

Unofficial #frontendconf hang out at the canopy. Awesome view!

Great conference this year @unmatchedstyle! Ridiculous line-up!! Juiced about the next #frontendconf

Feeling thankful for another year of inspiration, good people, smart talk and perspective.Great times!#frontendconf

Definitely could be a shittier drive home from #frontendconf. Good seeing everyone this year!…

Carl Smith (@carlsmith) is bringing us home this afternoon at #FrontEndConf powered by @TheIronYard

"Diversity and inclusion is no longer a competitive advantage, it's a competitive requirement" - @carlsmith #frontendconf

"Diversity and inclusion is no longer a competence advantage, it's a competitive requirement" @carlsmith #frontendconf

"Diversity and inclusion is not a competitive edge, it's a competitive requirement." — Carl Smith #frontendconf

"Nobody knows what they're doing, they really don't." – Carl Smith #frontendconf

Thanks @genecrawford & everyone at @frontendconf for hosting the A/B test workshop. It was a great experience #frontendconf

I wonder how many people have quit their job after hearing Carl talk lol #frontendconf

"I learned that you just have to be nice" - @carlsmith #frontendconf

Up next at #frontendconf @carlsmith This man has changed the course of my career and the way I look at things, excited to hear the keynote

#frontendconf who is sticking around tonight?

It's all about conversation—communicate early and often! @acacheung #frontendconf

@garazi Excellent talk. Though, next time you talk after lunch, be mindful of your audience's coma before expecting liveliness #frontendconf

RT @dylanthinks_: RT @multimichel: The next billion people coming to web aren't using the devices you and I do. @beep #frontendconf

So many ideas for uses of flexbox after hearing @garazi speak this afternoon at #frontendconf

I must've gained 5 lbs. these last 2 days alone. Thanks #frontendconf. ....... Any ice cream left?

Super informative talk by @garazi on flex box. He is also hilarious #frontendconf

"Not even Windows supports older versions of IE!" Too funny. #designerwoes #frontendconf

Greg Rewis (@garazi) is preaching the good word on CSS3 Flexbox at #FrontEndConf. #CSS3 #Flexbox #Science

Excellent talks this morning by @ronedelen, @beep, and @dougneiner! Bummed there are only 3 left! #frontendconf #fedc #webdesign #StPete

Great Q&A with a highly knowledgeable panel of designers & developers! #frontendconf @dougneiner @beep

@Draplin I bought your book here at #frontendconf and wanted to get 2 packs of your Field Notes if you've got merch handy. Book is amazing!

Morning panel at #frontendconf includes an all-star lineup with Ron Edelen, Ethan Marcotte, and…

So many great speakers already this morning at #frontendconf! Each and every one so unique #day2

I think it sums up a lot about #FrontEndConf that @giodif is moderating a panel in what appear to be swim trunks. ❤️

@dougneiner you're explaining this so well! I've been really enjoying React lately but I struggle to articulate *why* #frontendconf

The goal of web development is simply to get useful features out to users. @dougneiner #frontendconf

Always forget how cold it is in the Palladium. Using my laptop as a heating pad #frontendconf

Day 2 at the #frontendconf checking out @ronedelen on integrating motion into the interactive design/dev process

I'm pretty sure @beep just took all of #frontendconf to church. Highlighted incredibly important points we overlook when we build.

The next billion people that are coming into the web are not using the devices you and I do. @beep #frontendconf

The web doesn't evolve in a single, straight line. - @beep at @frontendconf

We design for people, not robots—OF COURSE we should "start w/ language & not interfaces" why haven't I realized this before? #frontendconf

@beep Great presentation. I'm curious what Chrome extensions you had visible in your Chrome screenshots? #frontendconf

"A styleguide or pattern library has become the defacto artifact that comes out of a responsive design project." #frontendconf

glad I'm finally getting to see @beep speak live! #frontendconf

@beep quoting @TrentWalton -- build websites to face the reality of the web's inherit variability #frontendconf

PE in action: @beep replacing Trump's face with an image of a baby goat. #FrontEndConf Only the best goats. Tremendous.

Not everyone browses the web the way I do—DESIGN THE PRIORITY NOT THE LAYOUT... Already some crazy good insights from @beep #frontendconf

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