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Went to #Tropicana Field to catch the #Rays vs. #Jays game before my f


#robots #frontendconf #stpete #rays #jays #mlb


@Datz4Foodies I've had plenty of food from datz catering (bacon snacks at #frontendconf omnomnom), so I knew it was going to be great :-)

List of links gathered from #frontendconf once more. Feel free to add any I missed. Thx!

It was a long road but happily traveled. Best of luck and great seeing all of you amazing folks!! #frontendconf

You know you’re at a design conference when the topic in the men’s restroom revolves around it’s poor UI/UX. #frontendconf

Tacobusssssss #tacobus #Tampa #frontendconf


Later #frontendconf it's been the best kind of real. I wear this hangover like a badge knowing where it came from lol

Bummed that I missed out on #frontendconf but can't wait to comb through all the write-ups and recaps. Hope everyone has a safe trip home!

@mcclure111: I was bit by a radioactive human and now I can do human things” this is how I feel after this weekend #amazing #frontendconf


#frontendconf It's been real.
Thanks for the memories.

@ansanchezdesign demos how to slide down out of plain view while still working. Things I learned at #frontendconf

TPA ✈ ATL Goodbye #frontendconf great time as usual!!!!

Almost 30 names to the “don’t let #frontendconf go left: -9999px” list. Thanks guys!

Randomness: I have had "Turn Down for What" stuck in my head all weekend. I decided you should too. #frontendconf

@dandenney @CherrieDenney can't thank you enough. So many great people at #frontendconf! Here's to rocking Portland!

We’ve got @DaveyMontooth scheduled to talk about Design for Conversions at the very first #frontendconf meet up, Aug. 14. Join us!

What a great #frontendconf this year. Thanks @dandenney and family for all your hard work over the years.

@Conner_chill I'm looking for john CONNNER!!! #frontendconf #arnold

Had a lot of fun last night with the people from #frontendconf. Really enjoyed talking with @KEVINgotbounce.

Dearest @frontendconf, once again you won my heart. I'll see you next year, because there will be a next year. :) #frontendconf

@frontendconf guys! It's been real sweet to come every year & participate! Met some great friends! Thank you! #frontendconf

To everyone who is flying or driving home today, have a safe trip! It was awesome meeting you and I hope to see you soon! :] #frontendconf

#frontendconf had some if the best animated GIFs this year. That's GIF not JIF.

I came for the infamous big #breakfast. Nice building too! #frontendco


Huge thanks to genius-level cool guy @dandenney for running an amazing #frontendconf. Had a wonderful time. Thanks for the hospitality, Dan!

#kahwa coffee @socialshark @coffeechat #frontendconf #hollister quad #


Out front at the Hollister hotel having coffee. Stop by and say hi. #Frontendconf ☕️

Future developer? Autumn loves the stickers and note pads #frontend


Future developer? Autumn loves the stickers and note pads :) #frontendconf @frontendconf

Love this conference! Love these talented people!! @frontendconf #frontendconf @bigsea. So happy I made the trip.



Love this team #frontendconf @bigsea #BigSeaDesign


@chrismorata @DesignDocent with help from everyone, there CAN be a #frontendconf next year. @dandenney is happy to share his knowledge.

#frontendconf Anyone still around? I'm going for breakfast at Banyan Tree Cafe in a little bit. Come join me!!

@robtarr , left u a going away present. Adjourning-room neighbors From @masenutz and @achach31 #frontendconf

@jasongraphix But Patrick Fulton runs refreshpitt. #frontendconf

#Frontendconf was an absolute blast! So great to meet so many awesome people. @dandenney puts on a fantastic show!

Good times with some #frontendconf friends! #costumechange


.... disappointed I didn't get a chance to talk to the @unmatchedstyle guys but it's late and I am sooooo ready to sleep. Thx #frontendconf

I made it in to catch the last 30 min of the last #frontendconf as we know it. Looking forward to…

I made it in to catch the last 30 min of the last #frontendconf as we


@drewbarontini awesome talk at #frontendconf Suggestions for implementing this in a Drupal site?somewhere you dont have control of output?

Such a great weekend with #frontendconf but I am totally exhausted and worn out from it. Good times, but sleepy now.

Awesome weekend @ Front-End Design Conference! #frontendconf #352

Goodbye #frontendconf. It was memorable once again. Thx to @CherrieDenney and @dandenney. Love you both.

@DesignDocent There is no next year, this was the last #frontendconf. :(

#frontendconf was outstanding but it is awesome to be home

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot at the #frontendconf. It was my first, too bad it was the last. #bittersweet

Good times at @frontendconf as always. Another great year. It will be missed. #frontendconf

Anyone else from #frontendconf going to Breaking Development Nashville?

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